Living Regret Free

Broadcast Live on the Radio¬† — Thursday 7 am ET + Friday 10 pm ET
Listen to the Living Regret podcast program on SOB live radio for information on issues including life changes be it a job loss or sickness. Dr. Gayle Carson hosts this program, providing guests who have had changes in their lives and have survived.

About podcaster: Gayle Carson is an amazing woman who has done a lot of different things! She owned many offices, worked in almost 50 states and 50 countries, wrote books, coached and consulted for 1,000 people in 50 industries, hosted radio shows, created courses for people, and holds a doctorate, Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Management Consultant and FIMC. She helps people live their lives without regrets and gives advice for getting on TV and using media. She is also helping the large number of people born during the Baby Boomer era.