Courageously Go

Broadcast Live — Wednesday 8 am + Wednesday 3 pm —
Welcome to Courageously Go by Debbie!
Where we will venture into places we’ve been afraid to go…
Women of the world, — We are going to start a movement- — A movement towards courage

Because when we choose courage, make courage our compass and move in the direction towards courage, wonderful things begin to happen for us – we become confident, experience more joy and the freedom that comes from living a heart-led authentic life. Our mission is this: to encourage and support every girl and woman on her path to courage.
Why is this important?

To support our greater bold vision which is: to have a world that is healthy, peaceful, and prospering because women around the globe are strong, confident, and living joy-filled lives.How will we accomplish our mission and bold vision?

Each week we will invite a special guest on the show to discuss a topic that is relevant to helping us live a more courageous and joy-filled life.

​Are we ready? Let’s go!!